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New Anti-Reflection Coatings

Lights are everywhere, and with the world updating itself, our lives become more and more connected. From sitting at work in front of a computer screen to messaging your friends, reflections are something we just don’t need.

Reducing lateral reflections for nearly invisible* lenses 

Traditional anti-refection coatings only reduce frontal reflections. This causes reflections to be visible in the peripheral areas of the lens.

Crizal® Sapphire™ UV utilises new algorithms to allow for reduction in both frontal and lateral reflections. With Crizal® Sapphire™ Multi-Angular™ Technology patients can enjoy nearly invisible* lenses for best in class comfort and clarity of vision.


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Summer Promo

For a limited time receive a FREE pair of Bill Bass Prescription sunglasses with any frame and lens purchase over $249. Hurry offer ends 16th December 2017 or until stock runs out. See staff in store for terms.

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Blue Light Protection

Blue light is made up of two parts – the turquoise part has many health benefits.


Blue-Turquoise light can be beneficial to our health. It regulates the circadian rhythm (our internal ‘body clock’), which controls our sleep-wake cycle. So it is essential to a restful night’s sleep. It can also boost brain activity, improving memory, mood, alertness and mental performance.


As with UV rays, overexposure to blue-violet light can be harmful to the eyes.
It can damage the retina, and potentially increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and photokeratitis (sunburned cornea) – which can lead to temporary blindness.

We have the latest in Blue-control coatings from Essilor, Hoya & Shamir and the coatings are available on all prescription lenses.

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Ray-Ban Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Jacqueline for winning two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses in our first ever giveaway. Jacqueline is now the proud owner of two new genuine pairs of Ray-Bans valued at $500.00. Want to win something too? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to be a winner in our next competition. 

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We are live!

Our website is finally up and running and you are now able to book online. Over the coming weeks we will be updating the content on our site to help serve you better. We will also be adding a catalogue of frames and sunglasses for you to browse and more content and information regarding eye testing and contact lenses.

Stay Tuned!

Matt Taylor

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